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Created by PA4RM

Check your eQSL

Created by PA4RM

This is a Drill and prep for a fun time!

We have been requested to provide communications support for a local city.  Due to severely good weather we have been asked to provide the following capabilities:


VHF Winlink

40 M HF Voice

20 M HF Voice

20 M Digital Communications

And other modes as available

We have been asked to stage at the Lucas Fire Department.  Lucas FD is located at 165 Country Club Rd, 75002.  This is at the corner of West Lucas Rd and Country Club Road.  Staging will begin at 8:00 am.  At that time we will inventory our equipment, assign teams and begin setup.  We have been requested to begin operations at 11:00 am.  The exercise operation will conclude at 5:00 pm and demobilization concluding by 6:00 pm.

If you have the following equipment to loan for the event, please contact me at the email address below.

Inverter based generator, at least 1,000 W

100 ft heavy duty extension cord

40 M dipole antenna with supports

20 M dipole antenna with supports (other options may be considered)

VHF/UHF FM radio with modest external antenna

VHF Winlink system with modest external antenna

HF radio (at least two will be needed)

HF radio configured for digital modes with computer and suitable software

Logging computer

Simple networking equipment (hub, router, cables, etc)

The biggest need is not the equipment listed above, but is the hands and leadership to get all of this running.  We will need leaders and support staff for the following positions.  If you are interested let me know.

Antenna installation and safety

AC power distribution

Networking and logging

Food and drink (PARK will be providing the funds)

We will be operating from a really nice indoor location.  This should be a great time for do a little operating and have some ham radio fun.





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The results are in and we faired rather well.  We had a total of 4,852 points.  Here is where we ranked:

281 out of the total 2,720 submitting entries
10 out of the total of 177 submitting entries in West Gulf Section
9 out of the entire total of 99 5A stations nationwide
1st 5A station in NTX

Thanks to all who help organize and operate at the event.





If you are interested in obtaining PARK logo apparel, please contact;

B&B Embroidery


You can look at the offerings on the website, but call David, KF8WS or Shirley, N7UPY, to order.  They can provide you with the correct pricing.